SEPs Baseline Data Collection 2011-2014

The Ministry of Finance and Economic Development and the State Enterprises Restructuring Agency (SERA) with assistance from the Zimbabwe Reconstruction Fund (ZIMREF) through the World Bank (WB) are working on a Baseline Data Collection exercise. This exercise will enable the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development and SERA to complete, maintain and regularly update a complete register of key information on SEPs.


The data collection exercise will also be used to inform Government as owners of SEPs on the current status of SEPs and provide knowledge that will assist in various policy interventions on SEPs. The Baseline Data will enable Government to gather and ascertain a complete picture of what the SEP sector is like and quantify its actual contribution to the economy and the general socio-economic discourse for our country. The data allows Treasury to assess the overall performance of the SEP portfolio which will allow Treasury to quantify the fiscal risks, contingent liabilities and other significant budget implications arising from the SEP sector. The data collection exercise will also enable Treasury to see what effect the portfolio has on the country’s economic and financial situation.


The data will assist Treasury to quantify the assets Government holds as well as the contingent liabilities. This will allow Government to set targets for all the SEPs and make prudent provision for the risks and to identify opportunities.


A workshop was held on the 20th January, 2016 where all SEPs Chief Executive Officers and Finance Directors were invited to attend. The Workshop was meant to sensitize the line Ministries of the SEP baseline data collection exercise and have them appreciate the purpose of the data gathering exercise which is meant to provide critical, accurate information for policy and decision making for the SEP sector. The Workshop was also meant to provide the Finance Directors of SEPs the opportunity to understand variables of the SEP Data collection exercise. The Workshop was funded by the Zimbabwe Reconstruction Fund (ZIMREF) facility.


The Workshop was divided into two Sessions. The first Session was a breakfast meeting which was attended mainly by Permanent Secretaries and the second Session was the main meeting which was mainly attended by technical officials responsible for SEPs data collection. The Guest of Honour for the morning session was Honorable Minister W. Chidhakwa, the Minister of Mines and Mining Development who was the Acting Minister of Finance and Economic Development.


Out of the 97 SEPs which were invited to participate in the exercise, 84 SEPs did respond by providing the requested data. There would be continuous follow up to those who did not respond. A Baseline Data Collection Feedback workshop was held on the 9th June, 2016 and was well attended.  Participants were informed of how the SEPs performance and on way forward.