Since its inception in September 1999, SERA successfully completed the following privatization and restructuring transactions:


  1. Dairibord Holdings Limited – privatisation
  2. Cotton Company of Zimbabwe – privatisation
  3. NOCZIM Shares in Total Zimbabwe – privatisation
  4. NOCZIM Chirundu Offices – disposal of assets
  5. ZIMRE (Pvt) Ltd – privatisation
  6. Craster (Pvt) Ltd – privatisation
  7. IDC 19.89% shareholding in Zimchem Refineries (Pvt) Ltd – privatisation
  8. Munyati Mine Co. Ltd – privatisation
  9. CAPS (Pvt) Ltd – privatisation
  10. Olivine Holdings (Pvt) Ltd – recapitalisation
  11. Turning Point Mine (IDC) – privatisation
  12. Unbundling of Post & Telecommunications (PTC) into TelOne, NetOne and Zimpost
  13. Demerger of Astra Holdings into Astra, Tractive Power and Cairns
  14. Transformation of the Zimbabwe Development Bank (ZDB) into the Infrastructure Development Bank of Zimbabwe (IDBZ)
  15. Liquidation of Zimbabwe Development Corporation (ZDC)
  16. Unbundling of NOCZIM into Petrotrade (Pvt) Ltd and National Infrastructure Company of Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd
  17. Transformation of the Central Statistics Office into the Zimbabwe Statistical Agency (ZIMSTAT)
  18. Revival of Air Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd
  19. Unbundling of National Handling Services (NHS) from Air Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd
  20. Conversion of ARDA Chisumbanje Ethanol Project into a Joint Venture from a Build-Own-Operate-Transfer (BOOT)
  21. Preparation of Business Plans for ZMDC subsidiaries: Jena, Sabi and Elvington Mines
  22. Raising of US$319m debt finance for Kariba Power Station under Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC) for expansion of power generation projects
  23. Raising of US$11,438 billion for Hwange Power Station
  24. Preparation of the Turnaround Strategies for TelOne, ARDA, Zimpost, IDC which came between approved by the Cabinet Committee on State Enterprises and Parastatals Development